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> The full sources of this testcase can be found at:
> .

Thanks for the nice test case.  It made my job a lot easier. :-)

The bug is in the dynamic linker.  I'll append the patch to the end of
this mail.  The patch is relative to -stable, but the rtld.c source is
identical in -current.

I'm doing a little more testing, then I'll commit the fix to -current.
And I'll ask Mr. Release Engineer to let me merge it into -stable.


Index: rtld.c
RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -U9 -r1.43.2.4 rtld.c
--- rtld.c      2000/09/22 02:22:51
+++ rtld.c      2000/11/07 17:43:44
@@ -1825,20 +1825,18 @@
        symp = symlook_obj(name, hash, &obj_rtld, in_plt);
        if (symp != NULL && is_exported(symp)) {
            def = symp;
            defobj = &obj_rtld;
     if (def != NULL)
        *defobj_out = defobj;
-    else
-       _rtld_error("%s: Undefined symbol \"%s\"", refobj->path, name);
     return def;
 static const Elf_Sym *
 symlook_list(const char *name, unsigned long hash, Objlist *objlist,
   const Obj_Entry **defobj_out, bool in_plt, DoneList *dlp)
     const Elf_Sym *symp;
     const Elf_Sym *def;

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