> >As a backgrounder for other-than-Justin, Adaptec has a habit of
> >making multipurpose ROMs that sit on different types of devices,
> >so that they don't have to maintain multiple images.  It's the
> >EISA stuff in these ROMs that causes a non-EISA BIOS based EISA
> >probe to incorrectly identify them as EISA.
> This is not correct.  You are making this all much more confusing than
> it is.
> The 2842 will not be identified as an EISA device by the system BIOS
> or any other OS but FreeBSD.  This is because you must *write* to
> the "EISA like" ID registers prior to reading them in order for them
> to return somthing other than 0.  So, if our EISA probe stops poking
> the ID registers prior to reading them, the 2842 will not be seen.

OK, I'm wiling to buy this; I was never really enticed into
buying a VLB card, I'm only speaking from when VLB card support
screwed me over when I had an EISA box with a 1742.  I was just
fearful that the 2842 wasn't the only snake in the grass out there,
and so (as usual, I guess) wanted to solve for every instance of
the possible problem space so we would never have to do it again,
for all eternity.

The address space issues with VLB vs. EISA that I mention are
real, but in like of your "there is only one rogue" argument,
I think we can avoid referencing the EISA MindShare book, unless
someone cares to nominate another rogue (I expect this will never
happen, since VLB is for all intents and purposes, as dead a
technology as when the idiots first introduced it... 8-)).

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