Mine seems to be detected just fine with a CVSUP on Sat Nov 11, 2000 at
around 22:00 EST.  The only error I get whiel trying to detect the card

        pci0: <unknown card> (vendor=0x11d1, dev=0x01f7) at 10.0 irq 9

I might submit a fix for this error at some point, but it doesn't affect

Jim Bloom

Glendon Gross wrote:
> Since my last cvsup, my Soundblaster AWE-64 card is no longer
> detected.
> unknown: <Audio> can't assign resources
> unknown: <Game> can't assign resources
> unknown0: <WaveTable> at port 0x620-0x623 on isa0
> Has anyone else seen this problem?  Below is the full dmesg output.

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