Since cvsup'ing -current box, I've got a port which
core dumps immediatly.

When I tried to run a debug version of the program under
GDB I just got this

ptrace(PT_GETDBREGS) failed: Operation not permitted
ptrace(PT_GETDBREGS) failed: Operation not permitted
Cannot insert breakpoint -1:
Error accessing memory address 0x28260ea8: Bad address.

The port is net/OpenH323 and the program is asnparser.
(an internal program built by one part of the port and used
in another part of the port)

I noticed bento (the ports builder) core dumps on asnparser
too now, so the problem is not just on my machine.

The code runs fine on 4.2-RC and 3.x boxes.

Can someone help work out what is going on.


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