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Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 3:55:01 PM, you wrote:

>> when i try to kldload if_tap module, the kernel says "symbol lminor
>> undefined" and fails to load the module. for linprocfs module the
>> message is "symbol tsleep undefined". these modules are necessary for
>> VMWare 2.0 port.
>> >How-To-Repeat:
>> kldload if_tap
>> kldstat linprocfs

HB> No problems here with source from today 6.00 MET. if_tap was
HB> fixed on 09/19.

it's ok, i'm expiriencing them right now, with today's kernel/modules
(built on 13:07 MSK).

HB> NB: there is a commit request pending for if_tap. It is currently unusable
HB> with devfs. Would be REALLY nice if a committer could look at the patch.

i do not use devfs. anyway, the patch by Maksim Yevmenkin doesn't
help. kernel still reports "link_elf: symbol lminor undefined".

and what's wrong with linprocfs? it seems to be broken too.

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