On Nov 14, Jeff Roberson wrote:
> Does anyone know of any current issues with PXE?  I've searched the mailing
> lists and I don't see any mention of a problem similar to mine.
> I'm running FreeBSD-CURRENT from 2000 09 15 on a server.  The client has an
> Intel 21143 based ethernet card that claims it has PXE 2.0 (Build 74)
> support. I've setup bootp/tftp on the server which the client successfully
> uses to pull down the 'pxeboot' file.  After the client retrieves pxeboot it
> just hangs.  There is no further output from the machine.
> Does anyone know which particular build of PXE 2.0 works with pxeboot?  Or
> is this even a problem with my firmware?

        Hello Jeff,
        You didn't specify if you set-up NFS for the loader to fetch
it's configuration and the kernel and such.  
        Assuming you have an otherwise working PXE environment:

        I've had problems with Intel card at work.  I'm at home now
and don't remember off-hand what specific model of card or the flash
version.  Depending on what motherboard was used, I would see crashes
and hangs in the loader when configured for tftp (with some), nfs
(with others).  
        However, recently someone on -questions referenced a flash
upgrade available and I found it on the Intel web site.  It fixed all
my problems.


> Thanks,
> Jeff

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