On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Warner Losh wrote:

> make depend is already *REQUIRED* when you are updating a kernel from
> an older version of the kernel.  For config -r FOO kernels it isn't.

It is neither necessary nor sufficient for updating.  config -r removes
conflicting garbage from previous builds.  Removing the conflicting
garbage is sufficient.  `make clean' normally suffices to remove it,
but there are cases where .depend itself is garbage and must be removed
to unbreak `make depend'.

> Even a make clean after a make depend will require that make depend be
> run again.

This was broken in rev.1.348 of sys/conf/files, etc.  `make clean'
removes the generated bus interface headers, and there are no longer
enough dependencies for make(1) to know how to rebuild them.  There
are enough dependencies to rebuild them for `make depend', and for
plain `make' when .depend doesn't exist (minor magic involving
${BEFORE_DEPEND}).  .depend still doesn't contain all the dependencies
on headers, because at least the generated bus interface .c files are
handled too specially.


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