On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 10:38:29PM -0500, Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
> I've got a Dell dual-Pentium-III XEON system at work that I was running
> -current on.  Some time ago (didn't notice when exactly, sigh) when
> building new kernels, I started getting 
> isa_dmainit(foo, bar) failed
For me it is a ASUS P2B-DS with 512M RAM.

I see the same isa_dmainit failed with full ram utilized. With MAXMEM
set to MAXMEM="(464*1024)" it is working under current. With 480M it
is failing.

I looked through the sources and found that contigousmalloc can't find
a page of physical ram under the 16M margin. But I am not vm wizzard
enough, to understand what the difference is with MAXMEM set to some
lower value than the real amount of memory.

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