Since I've moved to -CURRENT a few weeks ago [I'm fairly new to FreeBSD] I
had build problems with kdump and truss.

The problem I report here are as far as I can judge them, sorry for any
errors or inconsistencies. I've tried to find something about an earlier
bug report but could not find any.

The problem consisted of the definition for TELNO_MAX not defined or
included in /usr/include/machine/i4b_rbch_ioctl.h.

The definition for this is in /usr/include/machine/i4b_ioctl.h.

By coincidence the building of kdump/truss succeeds, due to the fact that
mkioctl uses find(1) for the retreiving of the include files.
And because i4b_ioctl.h is alphabetical in front of i4b_rbch_ioctl.h it
will be included before i4b_rbch_ioctl.h and therefor the value for
TELNO_MAX is already defined on the moment i4b_rbch_ioctl.h is included.

Due to some reason I don't know yet [please enlighten me on this]
i4b_rbch_ioctl.h appeared before i4b_ioctl.h in _my_ ioctl.c!
[Although like I told find(1) uses alphabetical order ?!?!]
This happened still after various builds and cleans, etc.
But after I have touched the files a bit [e.g. editing them for testing]
they do also appear in the right order for me now.

So in my case make buildworld stopped on this error because it did not
know the value of TELNO_MAX, which is correct as far as it goes for the
compiler part.

Anyway, like I said earlier, due to some luck it went well for a long
time. [that is why nobody reported it before probably, otherwise shoot me]

The solution to this seems to be simple:

#include <machine/i4b_ioctl.h> in i4b_rbch_ioctl.h

Don't hesitate to ask me anything more (that I forgot).



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