Stanislav Grozev wrote:
> Hi,
> today I upgraded my 5.0-CURRENT from PRE_SMPNG to -current from about 5-6
> hours. everything went fine, the system is working, but I now notice the
> following: whenever I compile something (say a port) and play an mp3
> in xmms at the same time, the mp3 playing is frequently interrupted,
> or loops for a second. when I stop the compile, the mp3 files are playing
> ok. with PRE_SMPNG I never experienced such behavior, even with 2 or 3
> simultaneous compiles. I am attaching the dmesg output and my kernel
> config file if that would be helpful.
> as you can see, pcm shows:
>         pcm0: hwptr went backwards 3896 -> 3720

I get this too. However for me it's related to using the mouse
(though maybe using the mose uses CPU and it's actually CPU....)

I'm using the snd_maestro module.
This has been happenning since before the SMPNG tag was layed down so
it's not
related to the new SMP code..

> with PRE_SMPNG it didn't show such things, and when I do not load the machine
> with compiles, it never displays such messages and plays fine.
> any info will be greatly appreciated.
> -tacho
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