(just a little extra info)
Scheduler issues have been present since at least 20001112-current.
I installed the snapshot as my first venture into the current tree.
Mp3 skippage and loopage was very bad.
The box in question is an amd k6-2 300 (lower than average in this
list, i gather).   Mp3 decoding is only a 15-18% processor load, 
yet -current would skip & jump even while doing nothing else.  

a note on "pcm0: hwptr went backwards XXX -> XXX"
I did not get these in 4.0-release.  (or at least didn't notice them
in six months..)
I got a lot of these in -current.
I've gotten two of these so far since reinstalling 4.1.1-release a few
days ago.  (i think they coincided with a load of mp3 playing, two 
compiles, & a mv between hds on my dma-crippled ata controller (this
is heavy for me & my 300))

(sorry if this thread is outdated, i've been following -digest
til now)


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