> : Let's be realistic; the right way to do this is going to be to use the 
> : ivar interface; cardbus_get_cistuple(dev, index) just like all the other 
> : PCI bus accessor functions.  PCI will just need to pass the request 
> : through to its parent, assuming its parent is a cardbus bridge, or veto 
> : it otherwise.
> Why does this have to go even to the bridge?

Because it's the bridge driver that has to parse the CIS; it needs it to 
eg. set power and so forth.  And because the bus code should be generic.

> The cardbus bus code
> already deals with the CIS and it should be the one to arrange things
> to happen.  We can tweak the current cardbus CIS reading stuff to do
> this and maybe combine it somewhat with the pccard CIS reading stuff.
> Also, the index doesn't make so much sense because each CIS entry is a
> variable length, so we'd have to walk the chain.

Index is the tuple index, not the byte offset in the CIS; sorry I didn't 
make that clear.

> Also, this isn't a PCI thing, so no PCI code should be called. :-)

Interrupts aren't a PCI thing either, but we pass attempts by PCI drivers 
to do stuff with them up through the stack.  This really isn't any 

> For mapping some parts of the CIS, I think that you need to do that at
> the cardbus bridge, which means that you can only do that for the
> cardbus children that are attached.  Going up through multiple bridges
> isn't going to work.  This is especially true for the 16-bit CIS
> entries.

Yeah; I don't think I was proposing anything like this.

> Eg, if you have something like the following:
> pci --- pccbb0 --- cardbus0 --- pcib --- pci -- pccbb0 -- cardbus1 -- dc
> then when the dc driver wants to map the CIS, the cardbus bus will ask
> the pccbb to map it, which will go up the usual food chain for
> mapping, but after it leaves the pccbb it is just a normal map
> request.  The second cardbus bridge (pccbb0) doesn't get into the act
> of mapping the CIS.  Once mapped, cardbus1 will be returning the CIS
> to dc and also handling the jump discontinuties that can happen in the
> CIS.
> This is why I want to have cardbus be its own bus that happens to
> implement all the pci bus things properly.  It is, in C++ terms, a
> subclass: it is a pci bus plus a few other things.  I don't think we
> should try to shoehorn it all into the PCI bus code.  Something tells
> me that it will result in chaos.

I think that you're overrating the things that need to be "shoehorned" 
into PCI to make it a comfortable superset of stock PCI + hot-plug PCI + 
CardBus.  So far all we have is passing through a CIS tuple accessor 
function. 8)

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