> function its own CIS chain.  These CIS chains can live in
> configuration space, in memory space or the expansion ROM (which I
> assume is the same thing as the ROM BAR on function 0, but maybe I'm
> mistaken) and the bridge is responsible for properlly mapping the last
> two.
> The config space presents the biggest problem because we don't have
> any way to access it with the bus_space(9) functions, so special code
> is needed in the cardbus bus driver to know where to read from.

The code reading the CIS should be using callbacks into the 
hardware-specific code, which will know how to read/write PCI 
configuration space.

Having said that, there's a good argument to be made for adding PCI 
configuration space as a new bus_space type.  Any thoughts on why this 
might be a bad idea?

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