In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Dan Nelson writes:
>In the last episode (Nov 22), Poul-Henning Kamp said:
>> The attached patch is a "proof-of-concept" on which I would like to
>> get some comments:
>> It bugs me big time that the output from /etc/rc and all other output
>> to /dev/console is volatile and lost once it scrolls of your console.
>SCO logs its startup by simply piping the output of its rc scripts
>through "2>&1 | tee -a /usr/adm/rc#.log".  We could do something
>similar by wrapping everything after the "mount -a -t nonfs" command on
>like 174 with

I've tried stuff like that and I didn't particularly like the result,
for one thing many programs (or maybe it was tee(1) itself) changed
buffering because of the pipe, which meant that the partial lines
        "starting standard daemons: inetd cron sendmail sshd."

would only arrive on the real console when the final \n arrived.

Another particular thing I remember was that some syslog-challenged 
daemons whine on /dev/console long after /etc/rc has finished.

Dump(8) will do something similar if you don't flip the tapes in
finite time.

So while it goes a long way, I think we need to provide more coverage
of "/dev/console" as a concept.


PS: As I said, a decently functional console subsystem would be a nice 
thing.  At the very least I would want to be able to specify:
        console output to /dev/ttyd0, /dev/ttyv0 and /var/log/console
        console input from /dev/ttyd0 or /dev/ttyv0.
and preferably with a scrollback buffer too.  Network consoles would
be nice as well.

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