On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Nate Williams wrote:

> > In my past experience, FreeBSD hasn't agreed very well with IBM
> > thinkpad laptops, unless you were using the vt0 console driver.
> This is *VERY* old information.  When Pentium's were introduced
> (755/560) series, it has no longer been a necessity.
> The old 486 laptops need vt0, but anything newer works fine with sc0.

        Hmm, then I'm the lucky one :). There is an old ThinkPad 340
(486/4MB/120MB) which runs heavily trimmed down preSMPNG -current with sc
driver. The only caveat is that one should specify a flag which disables
keyboard reset, because without it machine will silently reboot. Besides
that this ThinkPad works as gateway (even with PCMCIA ethernet card)
without any problems.

Boris Popov

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