On Sun, Sep 26, 1999 at 02:23:18PM -0700, Mike Smith wrote:
> > Can you give me a few hints on what would be necessary to get the old
> > driver to work with the new PnP?
> As has already been explained to you (you _do_ read these messages in 
> their entirety, right?), the old driver has been obsoleted.  You need 
> to take the functionality that you want from the old driver and 
> implement it in the newpcm code.

I just reviewed this thread in it's entirety.  No one has said, up to
this point, that the AWE driver was obsoleted, but rather that it was
broken with respect to PnP.  It appears that my ability to read remains

> > It's amazing that one of the most popular sound cards of all time, one
> > that works fine on practically every OS from DOS3.3 to Linux and BeOS,
> > is of no concern to FBSD developers :-/
> Since the AWE64 is already reported to work just fine with the current 
> generation sound code, this sounds just a little hysterical to me.  You 
> seem to have a slightly more specialised requirement that's not yet 
> being catered to that does require some more attention.

You got a false report, or at least one for a different card than the
one I have.  Peter just sent me a patch moments ago that should make the
newPnP code recognize my card.

I assume by 'slightly more specialized requirement', you mean expecting
the AWE device to actually work?  Well, since that device is, essentially,
the raison d'etre for this particular card, that seems to be a reasonable
thing to expect.

On a more personal note -  What *is* your problem, anyway?  If you don't
have anything useful to contribute to the conversation, why reply at all?
Peter answered all my questions, and provided lots of useful information in
a single missive.  I have yet to get anything from you except surly and
wholely unhelpful responses.  Please - If you don't have any useful info,
try to restrain yourself from the compulsion to reply.  Thank you in advance.

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