On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 29-Nov-00 Gray, David W. wrote:
> > Hmmm, I'm specifically talking about when you have MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX set to 
> > something other than /usr/obj - it *almost* works, but /bin/sh uses files 
> > generated on-the-fly that get put in the wrong places (in the chroot'ed 
> > hierarchy). (ONLY when building the crunches - makeworld
> > runs fine.) I suppose its beating a dead horse (got around 
> > it with a symlink or two) but it niggles - but that 
> > whole environment is just too twisted to follow. :(
> Hmmm.  I bet the MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX is getting propagated into the chroot and it
> is dying in there because of that.

crunchgen doesn't understand MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.  It looks for objects in
/usr/obj`/bin/pwd` unless `objdir' is specified.  The specification for
`objdir' is per-program so it would be inconvenient to set it.  The crunch
configuration files for releases never set it.

Support for the src tree not being /usr/src also seems to be broken.
There is a global setting `srcdirs' as well as a per-program setting
`srcdir'.  The crunch configuration files for releases use `srcdirs'
with a hard-coded prefix of "/usr/src".


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