Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> types:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "David O'Brien" writes:
> : Except for stupidity in libdisk(I believe) and thus sysinstall, there is
> : no, none, zero reason why one cannot have two installations of FreeBSD in
> : two different slices on the same disk.
> I've done make buildworld/installworld of both -current and -stable
> onto one disk in the 3.x/4.0-current time frame.  It took a lot of
> tweaking, but I was able to boot off either one.  I think that
> booteasy didn't boot the second partition properly and I had to play
> loader games.  Sadly, the disk that had this on it one day started
> thumping, turning it into a rather large paperweight...

FWIW, my system running both -current and -stable off of one disk uses
grub for booting, not booteasy.


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