On 01-Dec-00 John Baldwin wrote:
> jhb         2000/11/30 16:11:00 PST
>   Modified files:
>     sys/sys              mutex.h 
>     sys/kern             kern_mutex.c 
>   Log:
>   Split the WITNESS and MUTEX_DEBUG options apart so that WITNESS does not
>   depend on MUTEX_DEBUG.  The MUTEX_DEBUG option turns on extra assertions
>   and checks to verify that mutexes themselves are implemented properly.
>   The WITNESS option uses extra checks and diagnostics to verify that other
>   code is using mutexes properly.

Removing MUTEX_DEBUG and only using WITNESS provided a very noticable
performance increase on the quad xeon I have here for testing for I/O bound
operations.  Before, trying to do a cvs update would end up with cvs having 7s
of user time nad 9000s of system time, now it is back down to more sane


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