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David O'Brien went a little something like this:

> On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 08:06:14AM +0100, News User wrote:
> > I'm building news machines with two partitions for OSen, to allow
> > me to boot into my choice, where my choice has been FreeBSD-STABLE
> > or FreeBSD-CURRENT
> > I know, ``don't do that'' but hey...
> Except for stupidity in libdisk(I believe) and thus sysinstall, there is
> no, none, zero reason why one cannot have two installations of FreeBSD in
> two different slices on the same disk.

Erm, actually, what I meant by the ``don't do that'' was referring
to the idea of using -CURRENT, especially SMPNG current with known
problems, on a production machine.  But it's my butt on the line.

Anyway, I'm surprised to hear that other people have had problems.
It's routine for me to put at least two FreeBSDen on any disk I
build larger than 2GB, and I've never had problems with the two of
them co-existing, or adding yet another OS like NetBSD for further
instructive comparisons.  Good way to put that extra unused space
to use, and to make it easy to choose the desired OS and upgrade
without risk.

There have been a small number of times when sysinstall has complained
that I can't have a root partition where I put it the second time,
but not too often, and I've been able to work around it.  The only
recent difficulty I've had has been when I built an OS on a disk
whose geometry was not the usual translated x/255/63 and the install
procedure and all utilities recognized the different geometry, but
the boot mangler failed to boot the OS partition.  I fixed this by
just booting into an older OS on a different disk and writing from
that sysinstall to the boot sector of the problem disk, and now it
boots fine.  I've had a few other geometry-related problems when
attempting to do 4.x installations, but I haven't bothered to try
to dig around for the root cause and repeatable conditions...

now i'll just go away
barry bouwsma

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