I have the same problem on 4, and I have a response from Soren:

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Ugh, booting from the HPT RAID is not supported as is. This is due
to the HPT using sector #9 for the RAID config stuff, this is not
compatible with our bootcode/loader as in some circumstances it
would happily overwrite this config info, trashing the RAID in
the process. Therefore the code uses an offset of 10 into the
physical disks.
However if you always use an fdisk partition table, and newer uses
the first 10 sectors on the disk, you could make the offset 0
in the driver, and have booting work that way, or buy a promise :)
I'm not sure I've used the rigth thing as default here, but at
least this was POLA seen with my dangerously dedicated eyes...

--- end ---

This is bad, but I hope we will help Soren to sort thing out on how to get
to do it.

We will keep in touch.


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Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 4:44 PM
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OK, i tested this. Sysinstall works fine now, and the system installs OK
from the SNAP 5 ftp server. ON reboot, however, the computer thing refuses
to boot of the RAID device. After the BIOS message "verifying
DMI......"(or similar) the system hangs.
Does anybody know why this could be?


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