> > I have a USB modem here, (Siemens), that I would like to get to work
> > under FreeBSD, but I can't even find the right tools to get vendor and
> > product ID's to add to usbdevs :-(
> Try looking in dmesg - USB device that don't have known product and
> vendor ID's have theirs printed. Failing that, check the usbdevs(8)
> man page.
> The serious catch about USB modems is that they have to support the
> USB CDC spec. Not all of them do. If it does, the serial device will
> be umodem0 (1, 2, 3, ...), and you use it just like a tty line tied to
> an external modem.
Is it a case of being in the usbdevs list _and_ supporting those specs?
Or just following the specs?

I have the modem in the office, not at home. And of course there is that
tricky part where Windows wants my BIOS set to PNP OS=YES and FreeBSD
wants it set to NO. but well :-) we can survive that for the moment.

Nice testing in little China...

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