> Also, if I compile device acpica into the kernel, it hangs probing and
> attaching ACPI stuff. In particular, it gets a little further if I put
> an ENXIO at the start of acpi_tz's attach routine, but after doing that
> a couple times in acpi_*_attach() I gave up. I don't see a lot in the
> recent archives of -current, so either everyone but me is running with
> ACPI happily or everyone knows to keep away. I'm not sure which. :-)

I have 3 machines with ACPI BIOS here, I have no serious problems
with ACPICA code luckly (or unfortunately? :-) 
However It seems that there are some bugs in ACPI CA code, acpi-jp
folks and some developers from Intel are discussing this sometimes at

The problem you are having is reported by VAIO Z505JX user; some ACPI
methods seems cause infinite loop within the method.
Unfortunately we haven't find the effective solutions for it.  Could
you disable dev/acpica/acpi_*.c lines in sys/conf/files and see which
module cause this hang?

Oh yes, and please dump your Z505JE's DSDT data with `acpidump -o' and
send it for us.  This would be useful for debugging.

> Those paying attention on -hackers know I've offered a prize for a
> jogdial driver. I've gotten some stuff off the web and am hoping to take
> a crack at a spic driver (Sony Programmable I/O Controller), but I think
> I need working ACPI first.

Sounds interesting :-)


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