on Sat, 7 Oct 2000 20:03:12 -0500 (CDT), Mike Meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> I recently got my digital camera back out, and started pulling the old
> pictures from it. I noticed something I hadn't ever seen before - silo
> overflows from the sio port. At the moment, I'm wondering if this is a
> known problem that is being investigated (SMPNG comes to mind), or
> something new.

  sio0/irq4 and sio1/irq3 are inactive
  sio2/irq5 is ppp

  121  ??  Ss     4:55.69 /usr/sbin/ppp -quiet -ddial -nat papchap

  sio2 has also shown 7500+ irq buffer over-flows in 85 hours;
  this problem predates PRE_SMPNG; I don't remember when
  exactly since I was having problems with SCSI/da ahc (aic
  7880 onboard --ASUS P2L97S-440BX-- driving 2 IBM 68 pin
  UltraWides) driver stalling with SCB block 6 timeouts which
  made my -current compiles unusable from roughly 25 Aug until
  it cleared with a build on 24 Sep after the SMPNG cutover (I
  am not holding at PRE_SMPNG).

  Other than the sio irq overflows, which does not seem to
  particularly impact performance and which I am sure will be
  solved, I think team has done a superb job with the SMPNG

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