> >However, using vidcontrol and attempting to set any VESA modes still
> >produces "operation not supported by device".
> Just checking, but do you have
> options        VGA_NO_MODE_CHANGE      # don't change video modes

Nope. But maybe I'm just expecting more modes than I can get. I can
get 80x25, 80x30, 80x50 and 80x60 to work (modes 24, 30, 32, and 34 
respectively). But these are the only text modes shown when I do a 
"vidcontrol -i mode". I can't get more than 80 columns, and the graphic
screen savers won't work ("the console does not support M_VGA_CG320").
vidcontrol shows 15bpp, 16bpp, 24bpp and 32bpp 320x200 modes; perhaps
the screen savers are 8bpp?

I guess it makes sense I can't get 132 column modes, as even with an 8
pixel wide font a horizontal resolution of 1024 only makes 128 columns.

"vidcontrol VESA_<anything>" fails which is why I was confused about the
VESA capabilities of the ATI Rage Mobility. This includes VESA_800x600
(and yes, I do have "option SC_PIXEL_MODE" in the kernel config).


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