Wes Peters writes:
| Warner Losh wrote:
| > 
| > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Wes Peters writes:
| > : Dell is selling a Lucent-OEMed card for $139.  I don't know if it is a
| > : Silver or Gold, though.
| > 
| > http://www.comready.com/dlindwwirlan.html
| > 
| > is selling what appears to be a lucentOEM'd card for $119.  It has
| > 40-bit WEP, so I don't know what metal that makes it (despite having
| > been told the last time this came up). 
| Silver, according to the wicontrol(8) man page.  ;^)
| > There's no external antenna
| > connector, however.  Still not a bad price and with $20 of the price
| > point for taking my whole house wireless.
| Yeah, thanks.  I still haven't decided if I'm going to stick (another)
| wireless card in my gateway machine or buy an access point/bridge.  The
| prices of PCMCIA card cages are frightfully high, making the cost roughly
| the same, and the access point would support infrastructure mode also.

Well this is what I'm doing with the Aironet stuff.  I have a script
to flip between modes until it sync's up.  I bought the PCMCIA ISA 
adapter for $25 from a local surplus place.

BTW I saw ADDTRON http://www.addtron.com/ has a base station for around
$220 that can do 128 bit encryption, has an antenna and is Web administered.
I haven't used it but it looks interesting.

Doug A.

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