Warner Losh writes:
| In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Doug Ambrisko writes:
| : Well this is what I'm doing with the Aironet stuff.  I have a script
| : to flip between modes until it sync's up.  I bought the PCMCIA ISA 
| : adapter for $25 from a local surplus place.
| Does this mean that the an driver can operate in "base station" mode?

No, just ad-hoc (atleast that's what is published).  So on my laptop my 
script flips between modes (ad-hoc & infrastructure) until it sync's up 
with whatever it can find.  I start it out of pccard.conf so it is automatic
on card insertion, reboot or wakeup.
| : BTW I saw ADDTRON http://www.addtron.com/ has a base station for around
| : $220 that can do 128 bit encryption, has an antenna and is Web administered.
| : I haven't used it but it looks interesting.
| I'll have to check this out as well.

Let us know what you find out.

Doug A.

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