Christopher Masto wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 07:23:40PM -0800, Charlie Root wrote:
> > There is definately a trend to lower prices.  I just found this.  A
> > new intel Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN access point and two pcmcia
> > cards for $699.  The access point sounds interesting.  I personally
> > would like to use it as a repeater and network bridge.
> I am told that the Apple "AirPort Base Station", which is $399, works
> well and can be configured with the Java-based thing in the ports
> collection.  I am further told that the Lucent/ORiNOCO RG-1000 base
> station is virtually identical, although more expensive and somehow
> inferior, although I don't understand the exact inferiorities.

It is inferior in two ways:

1. If you change the location string from "Lucent ORiNOCCO RG-1000", the
Lucent configurator will no longer find it.

2. You can't change the network name. If you try, the first few
characters will be overwritten with the hex number on the sticker next
time you start it up.

3. You can't change the community name (that is, the configuration
password) with the Lucent software. They count on the encryption to keep
naughty folks from reconfiguring it, but they took no steps to prevent
reconfiguration from the wired side.

#3 is particularly damning. I look forward to the CERT advisories that
talk about script kiddies changing the encryption key and community name
as a DOS attack on these things. If I had one of these, the first thing
I would do is ditch their crappy software and set it up with the Java
one in the ports, changing the community name in the process.

> I am thinking of getting one of these things, despite my strong desire
> to avoid owning such a stupid looking piece of hardware.

Get an Airport instead. There's certainly no good reason not to, so long
as Apple takes no steps to invalidate the Java configurator.

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