On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 10:34:44AM -0800, Christoph Herrmann scribbled:
| Due to vinum it is no problem to add disks and grow your volumes but up to
| now you couldn't easily make use of that new space for a file system, except
| using sequence of ufsdump/newfs/ufsrestore or something similar.
| Thomas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) and me ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) have written a growfs(8)
| for FreeBSD. Currently we can only grow unmounted file systems (in a clean
| state) without any active snapshots inside. It is foreseen to enhance growfs to
| grow mounted file systems as well, and handle active snapshots correctly.
| This requires some infrastructure which is then only available in FreeBSD-5,
| whilst the current design runs also happily on FreeBSD-4 and FreeBSD-3
| (tested) and possibly even on FreeBSD-2 (untested).
| To help us gathering the needed data for fixing bugs in growfs we additionally
| wrote ffsinfo(8), a (very) extended version of dumpfs.

Could you please put the code up somewhere that we can also look at?

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