Mark Newton writes:
 >  > sense = 3 asc = 11 asq = 0
 >  > This is not so bad but 5-30 minutes after this command system will
 >  > always panic.
 > Are you surprised?  The system is complaining that it's having intermittent
 > difficulty accessing the disk, so it shouldn't be at all surprising that
 > you'd have disk corruption problems as a result.
 > Start by checking your SCSI cabling and termination.  Almost all SCSI 
 > problems boil down to that eventually.
Sorry, but done that already.  Mylex manual says this and this is how
we did it.  We also use force perfect terminators just to be sure
evetrything works smoothly.  System has complained a lot of drives 0:0
0:1 0:2 and these we had replaced twice also used low level formatting.

---clip clip---
Setting Device Termination Power

All of the SCSI drives connected to the DAC960P Series should be
shunted to apply power on the SCSI TERMPWR line, as well as having any
of their builtin terminators disabled or removed. It is important that
all drives supply termination power, so that power is applied to the
SCSI bus even if drives are removed or replaced.  The same rules also
apply to non disk SCSI devices connected to any of the DAC960P Series
SCSI channels.
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