> It's fine with me.
> BTW, I got my cvs delta through ctm-cvs-cur mailing list, and here's
> the check sum for it.
>     $ ls -l cvs-cur.6925.gz
>     -rw-r--r--  1 daemon  wheel  24114 Dec  6 19:34 cvs-cur.6925.gz
>     $ md5 cvs-cur.6925.gz
>     MD5 (cvs-cur.6925.gz) = 7751af95fb0821338f3bcc948348dd8d
>     $
> You may have a corrupted delta?

What it was from was that my history file's checksum didn't match what the ctm file 
thought it was supposed to be. I managed to force it through using "ctm -F ..." I'd 
done some weird stuff checking out files before, which caused the history file to be 
splattered. As it was only going to be removed, I figured that it didn't matter what 
was in it.

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