On 07-Dec-00 Manfred Antar wrote:
> At 06:28 PM 12/6/2000 -0800, John Baldwin wrote:
>>On 07-Dec-00 John Baldwin wrote:
>>> On 07-Dec-00 Manfred Antar wrote:
>>>> I've been trying to build a current kernel from current sources for a day
>>>> now
>>>> and I keep getting this:
>>> I'm looking at this.  My initial guess is maybe a gcc bug, as mtx_exit()
>>> compiles in dozens of other places just fine (and has for months now).
>>Nope, it was a sublte bug in the 486 optimized mutex operations, which had
>>invalid register constraints probably dating back to several older revisions
>>BSD/OS before we got the code.  It should be fixed now.
> John
> It compiles now fine but panics on booting:
> Doing initial network setup: hostname.
> panic: mutex sched lock owned at ../../kern/kern_mutex.c:322
> cpuid = 0; lapic.id = 00000000
> boot() called on cpu#0

Hmmmmmm.  I haven't reproduced this here.  Let me play with it some more.


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