Matthew Thyer wrote:
> In the grand tradition of being allowed to shoot yourself in the foot,
> I would like to be able to do such things as this is clearly what I
> intend.  Since we dont normally hold peoples hands for other things,
> why cant we allow big holes in my feet for this too ?
> Regardless /dev/da18s1 should work as for /dev/da18
> I know... send patches... unfortunately my day job hasn't seen the
> light yet so I cant work on FreeBSD at work.

No, and no. You misunderstand the problem.

A disk on IBM PC compatible computers has the following format:

| Partition table | Data                                            |
                  | Slice 1           | Slice 2 | Slice 3 | Slice 4 |
                  | Disklabel | Data  |
                              |   c   |

The partition table divides the data in up to four slices. Each slice
may have, under FreeBSD, a disklabel and have the rest of it divided
into up to seven partitions, with one partition, c, representing the
total data space.

So da1 represents the whole disk, including partition table. da1s1 may
or may not represent the whole data part of the disk (ie, whole disk
minus partition table), because that's what da1s1 *is*, etc, etc, etc.

This has nothing to do with preventing the user from shooting himself in
the foot. This is just how the disk is, as a matter of fact, organized.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

                "The bronze landed last, which canceled that method of impartial

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