Mike Smith writes:
 > > This is not so bad but 5-30 minutes after this command system will
 > > always panic.
 > > cd /uu ; dump 0buf 126 - /w | restore xbf 126 -
 > > 
 > > mode = 0100644, inum = 720391, fs = /uu
 > > panic: ffs_valloc: dup alloc
 > This looks like memory or PCI data corruption.  You don't say how you're 
 > generating this load, or what the motherboard is, but I suspect that you 
 > may have hardware issues here.
/w fs contains cvsupped FreeBSD source, objs and ports alltogether 1G
of data.  Load test is this simple "cd /uu ; dump 0buf 126 - /w |
restore xbf 126 -" between two partitions.

First motherboard we tried was Intel PPro 200Mhz (FX440 based I
think/Natoma?).  Second one is newer 633MHz Celeron system but I don't
know manufacturer.

 > One question - I assume you're not seeing any read error diagnostics from 
 > the Mylex driver (other than the disk errors?)
Sometimes we have got more those scsi errors before fs panic.

Wilko Bulte writes:
 > PCI bus clock is at the nominal speed? Can be a source of interesting
 > effects.
Both motherboards are used with standard settings and older Intel PPro
system don't support overclocking or other kludge stuff.

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