Since a 12/6 cvsup and 'make world', I notice a problem with the
output of man.  The output consists of one block of justified text.
The headers, etc., are missing.

Have I missed something?


# man man
formats  and  displays  the  on-line  manual pages.  This version
knows about the and environment variables, so you can  have  your
own  set(s) of personal man pages and choose whatever program you
like to display the formatted pages.  If  section  is  specified,
man only looks in that section of the manual.  You may also spec-
ify the order to search the sections for entries and  which  pre-
processors to run on the source files via command line options or
sor  before  nroff.   If  is  set, its value is used to determine
which manual sections to search.  If is set, its value is used as
the  name  of  the  program  to  use to display the man page.  By
default, is used.  Normally, to  look  at  the  relevant  manpage
information for getopt, one would use: However, when referring to
a specific section of the manual, such  as  one  would  use:  The
option only works if a troff-like program is installed.

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