At Wed, 6 Dec 2000 18:18:50 -0600,
Michael C . Wu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Do you have Alpha boot floppies? Does kons25/big5con/korean compile
> on Alpha?  Would this fit on our ever growing mfsroot.flp and kern.flp?

I don't have alpha machine and my knowledge about Alpha architecture
is very limited.  But kons25 currently can't be compiled on Alpha
machine, and is disabled if ARCH==alpha (perhaps
release/localization/kon2 should be release/localization/i386/kon2).

> I recall seeing the release engineers struggling with fitting the kernel.

I have committed to move *.ko modules to mfsroot.flp (and I think it's
easily extended to the third floppy or CD-ROM) last month.  This is
not enabled on Alpha currently, but I think it can be also used on
alpha architecture.  I've not put it to alpha floppy only because I
dont have alpha testbed.

If you copy release/i386/drivers.conf to release/alpha and edit it to
fit the alpha architecture, drivers will be moved to mfsroot.flp

> It would be hard to make OpenBOOT and SRM do what we do in kons25.
> (Doable, but someone has to do it.)  I also know that Alpha
> SRM+vidcontrol+sc0 can only have one video mode, 80x25.  Can
> Mr. Yokota clarify this for me?

Does vidcontrol on Alpha support loadable font option?  Russian
support uses only this function and does not use graphics console.
Other European languages can be supported in this way.


Tatsumi Hosokawa

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