On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Michael C . Wu wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 03:19:06PM -0800, Nick Sayer scribbled:
> | Attached is a preliminary driver for the Sony jog dial. It's enough that
> | you can create a /dev/jogdial and watch letters come out.
> W00t! :)  You did it!  How did you wrestle documentation out of 
> Sony? (or did you ever?)  If you managed to get a Sony contact,
> can I contact him too?

Nope. I have Andrew Tridge and Ian Dowse to thank jointly for sample code
that went into it. I am inclined to split the US$100 prize between them.

> | It needs a lot of improvement:
> | 1. Use interrupts instead of polling.
> | 2. Present mouse-oriented events instead of letters.
> I recall you talking about the Fn+LCD brightness and such to 
> be controlled by the same controller also.  Do you have any work in that area?

No, I'm afraid not.

> <AOL whine>
> IMHO, we should have:
> scroll up/down : mouse 4 and 5 (just like mouse wheel)
> press down while scrolling up/down : mixer vol +/-
> press down one time : mouse middle paste

Those are tasks best done in userspace. The driver's job is simply to
report the events. My immediate task is now to have it do that reporting
in a moused compatible way.

> | 3. Fix the probe routine so that it tries to detect the presence of the
> | device rather than the magic 0x10a0 port location.
> | 
> | 4. Eventual ACPIification of the driver.
> | 
> | 5. Create a 2nd device to deal with other devices like the lid switch,
> | capture button, etc.
> | 
> | But I wanted to get this much out there for people to play with.
> I'll test this tonight. :)

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