Thanks Yamamoto san ! This works really rather nicely and has reduce the
number of tx errors tremendously (Though not completely and xmit
failed/device timeout is still there).

Thanks !


On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, YAMAMOTO Shigeru wrote:

> Hi, all.
> I send a patch for wi driver.
> Some cases, we have errors,
> 'wi0: tx buffer allocation failed'
> and
> 'wi0: mgmt. buffer allocation failed'
> Thease errors are caused by bugs in wi driver.
> #Current wi driver has initialization and resource allocation mistakes.
> And this patch includes WEP support code for PrismII chip.
> Original WEP support code was writen by Onoe at NetBSD.
> But WEP support code does not work many PrismII based cards on FreeBSD.
> We need more hack.
> Thanks,
> -------
> YAMAMOTO Shigeru                      Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                   Network Engineering Div.

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