> I cvsuped current ~2000/12/11 @ ~ 22:00, the previous version was 
> from around 2000/12/07.  Before the update my Dual intel nic was 
> happy .... post update the nic isn't even probed.  

Hrm.  That's odd; I have one of those here (with a Compaq label on it) as 
part of my test set.  In fact, I have twelve different ethernet devices
in the test machine right now trying to reproduce this. 8(

> attached is a pciconf -v -l from before and after as well as a 
> a boot -v from after.  If you need more info let me know and I'll 
> go back to the 2000/12/11 kernel.

About the only thing different I can see between your setup and mine is 
that your bridge gets bus 6, but comes up as pci bus 1.  There may still 
be assumptions somewhere in the code that the pci bus device number 
corresponds to the bus number, although I'm not having any luck finding 
them. 8(

I'll keep working on this one; things will go a lot faster if I can get 
my hands on a system that misbehaves in a corresponding fashion.

Thanks for the report; keep your eyes out for commits to the PCI code 
that mention this problem.  If you do try again, please let me know how 
you go.  If you're motivated to get involved with the code, I'd be more 
than happy to point you at a few things worth checking out.


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