"Daniel C. Sobral" wrote:
> > There's no other place. Only bootstrap tools, cross tools and build
> > tools are build in such a way that they can run on the build machine.
> > You can't build it later than cross-tools. It's not a cross tool itself
> > and definitely not a build tool. It must be a bootstrap tool then.
> It is used to build the man pages, isn't it? Why, then, it is not a
> build tool?

Build tools are utilities created only for the purpose of building "the
software". Build tools are never installed on the system. Put
differently; build tools don't have makefiles of their own.

groff(1) definitely isn't a build tool, because it has it's own
makefiles and is installed on the system.

There's an implementation difference as well. Bootstrap tools are built
in seperate object directories to avoid problems with the actual built
of the tool (as part of stage 4 of make world). Build tools are always
built in the "normal" or actual object directory. Also, bootstrap tools
are installed under the object tree. Build tools are not installed; they
run from the object directory.

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