I am having trouble setting up bridge between 2 subnets with NT4 servers on
either side.  Both subnets are behind different firewalls for external
Static Routes have been setup on each subnets firewalls to route traffic
through the bridge.

Windows2000 boxes can map shares on the NT4 servers across the bridge, but
the NT4 servers cannot map network shares on NT4 servers across the bridge.
Pings across the bridge are successful, though.

The error when mapping using Windows explorer is 'Path not found'.
The error when use the 'net use' command is 'Error 53 Path not found'

The FreeBSD bridge has 'options   BRIDGE' in the kernel. No firewall has
been configured on this machine.

So packets are routed successfully, what is problem NT4 is having with
FreeBSD bridge?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Miller

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