On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Benno Rice wrote:

> Does anyone object to me committing the attached patch?
> It basically allows the overriding of nm in lorder(1) and sys/kern/genassym.sh
> using the environment variable NM.
> I've been using this locally as I've been building with 'powerpc-elf-nm'
> rather than nm.
> Comments?  Objections?  Review? =)

I don't like this much.  I think I would prefer to use an extension of
OBJFORMAT to control all binary utilites consistently.  Where do you
set NM and corresponding variables for other binary utilities?

genassym.sh and lorder.sh are also missing support for the -aout/-elf
command line option, and this breaks building of kernels in a non-native
object format.  I think the correct fix is is to set OBJFORMAT before
running shell scripts that run binary utilities, not to clutter the
shell scripts with code to select the correct binarary utility.
Setting OBJFORMAT globally works in many cases, but not in kernel
makefiles, because at least the aicasm needs to be built with the
default object format.


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