A month or so ago I queried/complained about src/sys/modules getting corrupted
with architecture specific derived files such that I could no longer share
between i386 && alpha.

Part of this issue had to do with having some idiocy on my part, but part of
it *seems* to have to do with if you change the default /usr/obj to somewhere

The setup I have here for all of my varied test machines is:

        private/per-machine /usr/src (CVS to local cvsup'd copy, ergo, out
        of date)

        shared, NFS mounted sys, mounted as /tstsys, and thence a loopback
        mount to a local directory for /tstsys/compile, CVS to freefall
        (ergo, could be kept up to the minute for all platforms)

What was happening is that just one machine seemed to be polluting
/tstsys/modules with derived files (.ko's, .depends, etc.). Big PITA. I
queried and everyone said, "huh?", so I shut up and simply loopback mounted
/tstsys/modules to a local directory for that machine as well.

I finally decided that this was stupid, and looked into it more. It appears
that this was the only machine that had a MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX set. Somehow this
seemed to interfere with the dance that goes on with building modules for each

I haven't tracked it further than this, but thought I should mention it in
case anyone else has stubber their toe on this one.


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