I pruned the Cc: list a bit...

One of the email messages that you quoted has the URL for the latest
development of the lockd code.  As far as tests go it appears to be mostly
complete (there appears to be an issue with RPC64 on little endian machines,
but I have not yet had a chance to crawl through the librpc code).  

As for "client" vs. "server", that is quite tricky.... since WRT NFS locking
they are both client and server.  The "server" side is done and requires no
modifcations to the kernel.  However a FreeBSD kernel is still unable to
acquire an NFS lock.  This latter case is quite likely what your users are
seeing the affects of.

In the end:  the code is there and available for those who want to test and
play with it.  It has not been committed because it is still "broken". 
I could do it to -current or make it a port, if someone were to tell me that
it would be "ok" to do so.

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