On 16-Dec-00 Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> Whoops, it's just been brought to my attention that I inadvertently
> committed a couple of harmless changes relating to the zero-copy stuff
> when I committed a PR fix to newvers.sh.  Last I checked, there were
> also plans to bring the zero-copy code rather imminently into -current
> but I haven't seen anything yet.  If these plans are still unchanged
> then we can consider this a mere advance commit, otherwise I'll back
> them out.  What's up with the zero-copy stuff?  Thanks.

Erm, well, I think the change to src/sys/conf/files breaks the kernel:

@@ -680,7 +680,9 @@
 kern/tty_subr.c                standard
 kern/tty_tty.c         standard
 kern/uipc_accf.c       optional inet
+kern/uipc_cow.c                optional zero_copy_sockets
 kern/uipc_domain.c     standard
+kern/uipc_jumbo.c      standard
 kern/uipc_mbuf.c       standard
 kern/uipc_mbuf2.c      standard
 kern/uipc_proto.c      standard

since src/sys/kern/uipc_jumbo.c doesn't exist, so you probably should revert at
least files for now.


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