On 2000-Dec-17 15:06:40 -0800, John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>On 17-Dec-00 Doug Barton wrote:
>> Would there be any harm to changing the dots to something more
>> meaningful, like "Done with additional network setup" on its own line?
>The '.'s are simple and not too cluttery.

Agreed.  I think the current display looks reasonable on the console.
I'd prefer to fix the logging patch, rather than clutter up the

>  Fixing the console to line buffer
>what it sends to log(9) is a better fix, IMO.

I'm not offering code right now, but how about using a `newline or
timeout' approach?  If there's a partial line and there's been no
console output for some number of seconds, forward the line to log(9).


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