In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, John Baldwin writes:
>On 17-Dec-00 Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> This patch is for the printf(9), log(9) & /dev/console stuff.
>> The result is that you can watch the output from /etc/rc in
>> your /var/log/messages.
>> Poul-Henning
>> 1. Replace logwakeup() with msgbuftrigger++;  There is little
>>    point in calling a function to set a flag.
>Abstraction to keep other code from having to know the iternals of the log(9)
>device?  Maybe use a #define for logwakeup() that does the msgbuftrigger++ to
>keep the abstraction w/o the overhead?

But it was actually the other way around now :-)  It was the log
device which had obfuscated the log/printf code because it needed
it's assistance to call selwakeup.

I want the log/printf code to be as simple as possible, and to have
the smallest stack footprint possible...

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