> Why is there the same VGA code in dev/fb/vga.c and libvgl? I think
> especially of the set_palette routines.

The framebuffer code is a newer addition.  Libvgl was done quite a while 
ago as more or less a proof-of-concept.

> As a more general rule, what's the philosophy for the future of
> libvgl and framebuffer? Should VGL drawing routines be moved to
> dev/fb/vga.c?

The framebuffer should grow a set of drawing primitives, yes.  Exactly 
what these primitives is is probably open to discussion.  A good idea 
might be to look at the GGI project, which is producing 
BSD-license-compatible kernel-side graphics code.

> Finally, is someone working on this part of the tree currently?

You would want to check with Soren and Kazu, but I have not seen any 
activity recently.

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