Matthew Thyer wrote:
> Michael Class wrote:
> > i am seeing a problem with 5.0-current (from 14.12.00) and a 3COM
> > 3CCFE575CT Lancard (pc-cardbus) using the xl-driver.
> > Why behaves my FreeBSD-machines worse then the other boxes? Any Ideas?
> Make sure you are running with the TCP/IP NewReno optimisation turned
> off.  There are bugs in the TCP/IP NewReno code that result in bad
> packets and hence lots of retransmission with generally reduced network
> performance.

It seems that NewReno is switched on by default in current.
Unfortunately switching off NewReno does not change the problem. In
times of very high network-traffic I am still unable to use the network.
The system does not even respond to a ping where as all other systems I
have (HPUX 10.20, 11.0 and NT4) behave as expected: slow response-times,
but still working and ping-able.

At home I am using this Laptop in a 100MB-Network and am able to almost
saturate the link without any problems. Could it be that this is just
happening for multicast-packets (that's what the high network-traffic

Anything else I could check?



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