On Wednesday, 20th December 2000, "Donald J . Maddox" wrote:
>> > Looks good.  Can you install the XFree896-aoutlib port?  You may have
>> > seen were someone posted the a.out libs from 3.3.6 are known to not be
>> > the the best to use for compatibility use.
>Interesting.  After I installed the XFree86-aoutlibs port, SimCity
>works fine for me (on an 8-bit display)...
>It didn't work with the X libs built by the port when aout libs
>are requested, and it didn't work with the X libs from 3.3.6, but
>it works with these.

If the XFree896-aoutlib libraries are old enough, they will not call ___error.
That is sufficient to solve your particular problem, but not to solve the
general case.  

I'm now wondering if the reason that people don't like the XFree86 3.3.6
a.out libraries is the problem with ___error and the older ld.so supplied
with recent FreeBSD releases.


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